Five Weight Loss Secrets

Hi friends! Peter told me there was some interest in learning about dieting for weight loss while maintaining energy. Remember these five things next time you try to shed some lbs:

Tip # 1: Eat Balanced Meals

So if you know anything about weight loss, you should know that weight loss is what occurs when we consume less calories than we burn throughout the day. This is about as basic as it gets-however several of us cut calories so drastically that we actually make it harder for our bodies to lose weight.

Why? When you eat an extremely low amount of calories, your body has barely any energy for ANYTHING…including burning fat. Get this: Your body needs calories to burn fat.

When we don’t have sufficient caloric intake, our bodies go into “starvation mode” which is a natural process of storing the calories we consume as fat. Not only are you storing the calories you’re eating, but you won’t even have enough energy to actually burn off the fat you want to.

Tip # 2: Eat Nutrient Dense

The best way to “eat” while dieting is to munch on foods which are rich in nutrients and low-cal. These foods not only fill you up without threatening your overall caloric intake, but nutrient dense foods will also energize you. It is only when we have adequate nutrient intake that we have optimal energy throughout the day as well as a fully-functioning metabolism.

3.5 oz of fresh broccoli has 35 calories and is an abundant source of vitamins and minerals
3.5 oz of french fries has upwards of 300 calories in addition to having a high sodium content and barely any vitamins or minerals

Tip #3: Drink H2O

Up until recently I didn’t know why water was so great for dieting, aside from the fact that water actually flushes out our bodies of built up toxins.

In addition to providing this great service, H2O actually curbs appetite. When we are hydrated we don’t crave food as much because we don’t need water. Often, when we experience food cravings, the body simply needs water. Since food has water content, it’s possible your food craving is a water craving in disguise. Make sure you are hydrated before you decide if you’re really hungry.

Sip throughout the day and you wont find yourself heading toward the kitchen as much!

Tip #4: Consume Fiber!

Fiber consumption is one of the most important things we can do to protect our bodies. Not only does high fiber intake correlate with low rates of colon cancer and other related illnesses, but fiber actually helps our body process food quicker – thus storing less calories and keeping our digestive system healthy.

Tip #5: Avoid these Healthy Foods

When dieting, the following foods should be consumed moderately and not in excess because of their high calorie, fat, or sodium content: Almonds (& other nuts), Avocados, Olive Oil, Potatoes, Soups, Granola

Avoid consuming fruits or fruit juices in excess while dieting due to their high sugar content. Sugar eventually turns into fat in the body… even if it comes from fruit!


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