Lose Ten Pounds

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Doctor Oz came up with a list of ten things you can do right now, to lose ten pounds. My favorite suggestions of his are to cut out soda consumption and stay on top of taking your multi and B-complex vitamins. We have just one month until July, and if you haven’t prepped your body for bathing suit season yet, you might want to take some of his ideas into consideration.

Here are ten tips I’ve created for optimal weight loss in a short period of time:

  1. Mindful Eating 

    It may seem pretty basic, and you might think you’re eating mindfully–but really take a second to think about what you consume on a weekly basis. Rather than focusing on daily intake, (I only had a FEW potato chips today!) focus on what you consume throughout the week. Are you snacking your way through full bags of potato chips? Or do you work your way through full bags of spinach? Are you consuming a tub of ice cream in one week? Or are you consuming a tub of low-fat Greek yogurt? This leads to the second tip to lose 10 pounds fast…

  2. Cabinet Makeover 

    If your serious about ditching this extra weight, then it’s time to cleanse your kitchen! Go through your cabinets and refrigerator and get rid of anything which could be detrimental to your diet. Work out an understanding with your family or roommates and keep sweet and comfort foods out of the house.

  3. Sayonara Sodium! 

    Salt is important for our cells, since sodium is one of the main types of electrolytes our bodies need to thrive. However, excessive sodium leads to water retention…which leads to packing on extra “water” weight. Foods you should avoid: Pre-made soups, processed/frozen dinners, canned foods, salty snacks, processed foods, etc. Salt is often used for a preservative, so while your trying to cut these ten pounds, avoid preserved foods. Look for terms like, “low-sodium” or “unsalted” instead. Finally, try not to add extra salt to your meals.

  4. Fat from Fruit? 

    Eek! Could fruit make you fat? Maybe. When eating produce, try to fill up your cart with mostly veggies and limited fruits. Fruits tend to be higher in calories and much higher in sugar. When we have excess sugar in our bodies– it becomes converted and stored as fat. It doesn’t matter if the sugar comes from a grape or a donut, if it’s excess then you don’t want it. Make sure fruit is your main source of sugar-intake and be “mindful” of not over-doing it!

  5. Good Morning, Body

    Rather than avoiding the world and throwing the covers over your head when the alarm goes off in the morning, try some light stretching. When we stretch before even getting out of bed, it starts the flow of blood in our bodies so that when we actually get out of bed, the idea of doing a few pushups or sit-ups isn’t so painful. Once you get a workout in at the start of the day, you will be more conscious to avoid unhealthy decisions throughout the rest of the day.

    lose 10 pounds fast, morning weight loss routine

  6. Drink! 

    Soda, alcohol, and juices often contain too much sugar or food dye and chemicals which can hinder weight loss. Even diet soda contains chemicals which actually slow down metabolism over time. By drinking water (add lemon or mint) you will stay hydrated and rid your body of unwanted toxins. By drinking tea (especially green) you will actually boost your metabolism and pump your body with antioxidants. How could you go wrong?

  7. Break Bad Habits

    Turn sedentary activities into fat-burning sessions. Walk instead of driving or taking the bus. Stretch while you watch TV. Do a wallsit while you brush your teeth. The possibilities to be more active are endless! No excuses this summer…

  8. Brown vs. White

    It’s important to incorporate brown (breads, pastas, rices) into your diet rather than white. The simple sugars in the white product spike blood sugar and increase body fat percentage. The sugars in brown products are often paired with fibers and nutrients which cause a slow release of sugar into the blood stream. By eating complex carbohydrates (brown!) you’ll avoid dealing with an overload of sugar into your body–which means your meal will have less of an adverse effect on your body fat percentage.

  9. Prepare Your Meals

    Know what you are eating by developing a relationship with food. When we eat out of laziness or boredom, the last thing we want to do is actually prepare a meal. We might heat something up or grab a bag-o-somethin’ from the cabinet or local fast food restaurant…but rarely do we find ourselves chopping fresh veggies and making home made hummus to feed our personal craving. Prepare some nutrient-dense snacks and meals and store for later use! Make sure you’re eating for the right reasons while steering clear from a diet which mainly consists of processed foods.

  10. Love Your Body, Know Your Body 

    Remember not to get hung up on the scale. Know what your body looks and feels like. If you lost seven pounds and can’t seem to drop any more weight, but you notice your body toning up and transforming into something more energetic and flexible– you’ve succeeded. NB



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